Dr. Bao Thai, D.C. - Developer of The Heelz CBD Cream
Founder of the Advanced Nerve and Health Center

The Science: How does The Heelz CBD Cream work?

CBD has very potent anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties. Inflammation is a complicated process involving many signaling pathways. The body uses signaling molecules called eicosanoids to initiate the inflammatory response.

One of the ways CBD can reduce inflammation is by inhibiting an eicosanoid enzyme called COX2. NSAID medications such as Advil and Aspirin also target COX2 in their method of action. Another thing CBD does is affects cytokines, which are important to the inflammation response. CBD reduces the effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines, thereby reducing inflammation. Studies have also shown that CBD decreases the transmigration of blood leukocytes by downregulating the expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1), chemokines (CCL2 and CCL5) and the proinflammatory cytokine IL-1β, as well as by attenuating the activation of microglia. Adenosine A2A receptors aid in some of the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. My cream has 1200mg of CBD and a proprietary terpene blend as well as 2 amino compound derivatives to provide a therapeutic effect for patients with any type of neuropathic pain.

With people in pain, inflammation is the primary mechanism of action. By harnessing the CBD properties and using a topical cream to directly target the area of involvement, we have seen dramatic changes in patients' pain levels. This is why I chose a topical vs a tincture in my application. My main focus is to enhance the quality of life of my patients, and to enable them to deal with their pain in a safer and natural way. In my office we have tested over 300 patients with neuropathy and attached is my study and results.

How Can CBD Help?

The main uses of CBD are to aid in the reductions of pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and as a sleep aid. CBD stimulates the regulatory system in our body called the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates a lot of processes like our body temperature, our pH, and it helps regulate hormones.

We have noticed that after about 3 days of consistent usage of CBD, that is when you can notice the system is activated. So, that also means that if you are not taking CBD consistently, you are not going to get the consistent benefits.

Determining the Effectiveness of The Heelz CBD Cream for Patient's Symptoms

by Dr. Bao Thai, DC


Neuropathy is a devastating condition that continues to affect more people around the world every year. The rise in cases is directly related to the increase in diabetes and poor lifestyle choices. Medication side effects and surgery induced neuropathy also accounts for the increase. The core cause of neuropathic symptoms is due to either axonal degeneration or myelin destruction, both of which are typically caused by neuro inflammation that occurs. My hypothesis is if you can consistently decrease the inflammation and decrease neuronal hypersensitivity at the site, that patients will experience a reduction in symptoms.


The cream that was developed went through many rounds of reformulation. We decided upon 1500 mg of a high-quality CBD that was tested to have 0% THC. The dosage chosen was based on research studies. Then we combined the CBD with Agmatine Sulfate, Alpha-Ketoglutarate, and a proprietary terpene blend. The combination of the CBD, amino acids, and terpenes were determined by past studies to be a safe option for the treatment of neuropathic symptoms. Our study was comprised of 300 patient visits. These patients were all current patients receiving treatment for neuropathic symptoms. The patients were instructed to use the cream 3x a day - One application in the morning, afternoon, and at night. This was done over a 4-week time frame. Before use, the symptoms reported by the patients ranged from pain to numbness and tingling.


The outcome for our study was incredibly positive. Our patients reported that they all noticed at least a 50% reduction in symptoms with the use of our cream. 85% of the patients reported that they were able to reduce their use of pain meds completely or by half. 70% of the patients noticed an immediate change. 60% reported it took only 3 days of use to notice a significant change. 20% said it took 2 weeks of use to notice a significant change. It is worth to note that the patients that took 2 weeks for change all were very severe cases of neuropathy. 100% of patients reported that they would rather use the cream VS their prescription meds due to the side effects and lack of effectiveness. These initial findings are incredibly important as they provide evidence for the use in treating neuropathic symptoms without having negative side effects for patients.